The healthcare industry is transforming rapidly and working locums has become a growing trend. However, despite its enormous potential, many providers have few misconceptions about working as locum tenens. So, we are here to reveal the truth behind these myths and put the focus on what you may expect by working as locum tenens

Myth: Working locum tenens is not predictable

Truth: There is a growing demand for locum tenens providers as the age of the general population is increasing and there is a growing shortage of physicians at the same time. The need for locum tenens jobs is both in urban and rural areas and especially in high-demand specialties. You can choose as few or as many assignments as you like. Many providers have shifted to work as full-time locums. If you will travel and work in different areas, you will find work assignments regularly with better compensation.

Myth: Working Locums Tenens will be bad for my resume

Truth: On the contrary, working as locum tenens opens the gates for personal and professional growth. It helps you to experience diversity and enables you to learn from different healthcare setups, which will make you more desirable for any healthcare facility. This will allow you to deal with a variety of medical conditions, diseases, and patients in different geographical areas. For
experienced physicians who are not working regularly, locum tenens give a chance to take shifts at their leisure and to keep up with the recent practice trends.

Myth: I will not be able to build rapport with patients

Truth: Locums Tenens provides you with extra time to spend with patients while saving you from administrative hassles, extra paperwork, and business meetings. You can use this time effectively to guide your patients about their health conditions or just talk to them. Many times, locum tenens

 Myth: Locum tenens physicians are assigned undesirable cases

Truth: Locum tenens physicians bring significant services to the healthcare facilities and have saved the lives of the patients over the years. Sometimes they are the only doctors who have specific clinical expertise in the client facility and are dealing with all relevant cases. You get complete details of any assignment with all your queries answered before you confirm your
availability and the best thing with locums is that, unlike permanent jobs, you have the freedom to not take further assignments at the facility you don’t like. Locum tenens physicians gain valuable and diversified experience, not only inpatient care but also in practice management, which helps them in their full-time job

Myth: Locum tenens physicians are not welcomed by staff

Truth: This is a misconception that many physicians have, before joining any new team. But in reality, locum tenens physicians go to facilities to help with managing clinical work which makes them desirable. Many locum tenens physicians get the offer for a full-time job from the client facilities where they work locum tenens. And as mentioned above, unlike a full-time job, you can always stop taking further assignments if you don’t like the facility.

Myth: Working as Locums Tenens, does not get good compensation

Truth: Locum jobs offer 20-50% greater compensation than permanent jobs. Healthcare facilities offer competitive hourly rates to locum tenens because they need to bridge the gap for physician shortage in their facilities. Also, being hourly-paid means better compensation for working overtime or on holidays. Locum tenens compensation is a set rate, unaffected by the number of patients seen or procedures performed.

Myth: Working Locum tenens will not be good for my family

Truth: It is a common misconception that locum tenens shifts always require travel, so you spend time away from your family while working for different assignments. Many physicians find locum tenens shifts in the same city or at a driving distance. Physicians also enjoy experiences more when their families join them for different assignments in their preferred areas. Besides,you can plan as much time off to spend with your family as you desire, as there are no-call responsibilities between your assignments. Locum tenens gives you the flexibility of working in your desired place, at your preferred time

Myth: I cannot work locum tenens if I have a full-time job

Truth: Working as a locum tenens allows you to set your schedule. You can choose the jobs you want to take and the jobs you want to turn down. This way you can manage working locums whilst working as a full-time physician. Many physicians work as locums during their time off from a full-time job or on weekends and holidays to supplement their income. Many fellows are in training use it for moonlighting to supplement their income

Myth: Locum tenens shifts are mostly in rural areas or small towns

Truth: Though rural areas face severe physician shortages and provide the best compensation rates for locum providers as mentioned above, demand for locum tenens is everywhere and is increasing. So it’s up to you where you want to work depending on your preference. From academic centers in metropolitan areas to community hospitals in small towns, you get the opportunity everywhere

Myth: Locum tenens is for those who are about to retire

Truth: In fact, locum tenens suits to physicians at every stage of their careers. For recent graduates from residency programs, it offers valuable experience by working in different hospitals before committing for a permanent job and better compensation to pay off debt. For mid-career physicians, it adds a significant source of additional income and valuable experience by working with different healthcare facilities. For experienced physicians who are planning retirement, it gives the chance to have a flexible schedule, to live close to grandchildren in other cities, and to avoid the stress of a permanent job

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