Online and remote work has become more necessary than ever quite suddenly and in very short period of time. Most people are not prepared for and have never been taught about how to properly participate in working over video, let alone a video interview. Although physicians and healthcare professionals are needed more than ever, employers are not seeking to sacrifice the quality of their doctors for a quantity. Therefore, although moved to video chat rather than face-to-face, acing an interview is now more important than ever.

Now, onto how to conqueror that video interview:

Location Location Location

Where you sit for your interview is imperative for success. Choose a place that is quiet, where you have privacy, and strong wifi signals. The location choice is a sign of your professionalism and seriousness about the job you’re reaching to get. Some common places to avoid logging on for your interview include communal spaces, coffee shops, or anywhere where interruptions may occur. Distractors make it difficult for your interviewer to concentrate on the content that you have to say. These distractions may also keep you, the interviewee, from concentrating on the interview and fully attending to the task at hand.

If you do not have a quiet place with little distractions at home or the necessary equipment for this, some libraries have private rooms to use and it is possible to rent equipment for your video interview.

Presentation is Everything

When interviewing, professionalism is key which includes presentation. This is not limited to just where you choose to set up your camera for your interview. Other keys to professional presentation in a video interview include your outfit, your username on the video chat platform you’re using, and body language.

  • Dressing: A video interview is no excuse to just wear a professional-looking top and no pants. Being fully dressed as you would for an in-person interview creates a sense of preparation and readiness for what is going to occur. Dress neatly pressed and avoid bright and flashy colors.
  • Username: Your video chat platform username should be something that the interviewers won’t be distracted by. For example, if your username is “janethemonkey” interviewers may automatically assume you’re not a professional candidate. Rather, if your username is “janedoe” or some other variation of your full name then interviewers will likely pay much less attention and not be distracted by this name.
  • Body Language: Postures and positions such as slouching, crossed arms, or hands on your face may look unprofessional and unbothered to the person interviewing you. During the interview, nod and smile to show your engagement. Maintain eye contact by looking directly towards the webcam. Use hand gestures during your conversation, as appropriate.  

What Do You Need + Need to Do?

Although you may think that having a video interview means that there aren’t many necessities to have nearby. However, there are many items that are necessary to have close by during your interview, so preparing beforehand is key.

  • Create a checklist of what needs to be done before the interview and what you should have close-by.
  • Letting those you live with know that you’ll be busy will help prevent or lessen potential interruptions.
  • Lock the door.
  • Keep key items close by such as your resume, a pen and paper for notes, a list of potential questions, and a beverage such as water.
  • Mute your cell phone.
  • It is also necessary to double-check that everything regarding your technology is working including internet, webcam, video, and audio connectivity. Make sure your device is fully charged. Close all unnecessary browser tabs or applications on your device. If you are using a tablet, make sure it is stationery on a stand and not shaking during the interview.
  • Something that most people may not consider is lighting – a dimly lit room may be a distraction for your interviewer as they may have to focus more on seeing your face than listening to what you’re saying.

Research + Review!

After you officially pass the boards, the studying and learning has not ended. When being interviewed in general, technical questions are not off the table. Especially, when trying to become a physician you must stay sharp and prepared.

Be sure to review any particular subjects you feel your potential employer may ask you, as not being ready for potentially tricky questions could definitely decrease your chances of being hired. Researching the company that you’re applying for can help you create and prepare questions to ask your interviewer. Showing that you’re aware of the company’s core values and care to ask thoughtful questions will likely impress your interviewer.

The Extra Push

The interview isn’t over once the video chat is ended. Writing down the most important things you’ve learned from the interview potentially during and definitely after the interview is necessary. This will help ensure that you remember what you and your interviewer discussed. If you have a second or follow-up interview, showing that you remember smaller points that your interviewer had made during the first video chat is both impressive and notable.

Even if you don’t have another interview or phone call scheduled after the initial interview, following up with the interviewer will keep you at the forefront of their mind. Even just contacting them to say thank you for the interview will show care, consideration, and relational competency that are imperative qualities for good physicians to have.

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