Helping Communities Together

As more information about COVID-19 is discovered, it is becoming increasingly apparent that enforcing strict safety protocols and staying informed about new regulations is the key to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  1. CDC regulated precautions and guidelines can help healthcare facilities to ensure the safety of their staff, patients, and visitors and to meet up to the increasing healthcare needs of their communities.
  2. To read about safety measures that hospitals are taking to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors, please click here.
  3. Our team has compiled a list of resources that can be useful for healthcare facilities amid the COVID19 crisis. Click here to read. 

The current Covid-19 crisis is evolving globally with huge impacts and concerns for a second wave. As the demand for physicians increases, we are committed to providing physicians to the healthcare facilities with urgent staffing needs.


If your healthcare facility is in urgent need of physicians, please fill the form to the right so that we can help you to fulfill your staffing requirements.


Galaxy Medical staffing offers locum physicians to meet the high demand for health workers during this pandemic and is working with qualified physicians who want to help the communities amid this ongoing crisis and can help your facility to have required physicians staffing to take care of your local population. Our locum tenens physicians help institutions to maintain the best patient care services while avoiding expensive provider shortages.

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