Thank You For Being On The Frontlines and Helping Communities

At Galaxy Medical Staffing, we hold in high regard the commitment and devotion that healthcare providers, like you, have shown to take care of communities amid this crisis.

Our team has compiled a list of resources that can be useful for healthcare providers amid the COVID19 crisis. Click here to read.

During this COVID-19 pandemic season, facilities across the country are preparing for a possible second wave, and demand for healthcare providers is high in many states. Healthcare facilities and organizations are experiencing a shortage of qualified physicians and high turnover rates.

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Despite the change in circumstances during the pandemic, Galaxy Medical Staffing remains unwavering in our commitment to our healthcare providers, clients, employees, and our mission of saving lives during this pandemic and is helping communities by staffing highly skilled physicians in locum tenens positions. We have modified our healthcare operations to suit the high demand for physicians, ensuring that we do our best to support the country’s healthcare system.

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